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Guardian Television Network (PAX)

A Christian family channel featuring popular Christian ministries and programs such as Joyce Meyer, James Robison, Greg Laurie, Gaither Homecoming Hour and The 700 Club, as well as clean entertainment programming like Lassie, Miracle Pets, It's a Miracle, Green Acres, Mister Ed and America's Funniest Home Videos. Also enjoy family dramas like Doc and Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye; game shows such as Family Feud and Pyramid; and original programs such as the Guardian-produced Bananas family comedy show. Even catch a major sporting event from time to time, including NBA basketball games featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers. In addition, each week watch popular movie features without having to worry about what your family will hear or see on television--Christians who understand your values screen and edit these movies for content, as well as episodes of shows and even commercials that air on GTN. Guardian is an affiliate of the national PAX TV.

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